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Spend a week making a difference

Sunday-Thursday July 21-25 in Dallas, TX

Be part of the new Urban Mission Trips organized by the Mar Thoma Church - Diocese of North America & Europe.  As part of the Neighborhood Missions Ministry of our church, we hope to impact the mission fields right around the corner.


The majority of the parishes in our Diocese of North America & Europe are situated near major urban city centers. The Neighborhood Mission’s “Mar Thoma Urban Missions” project is an effort to bring awareness to the members of our Diocese regarding the complex economic, political, and religious factors that influence poor urban communities that are devastated by crime, homelessness, and broken educational systems and how to respond to these challenges in Christ’s love by developing best practices in serving the local neighborhoods of our churches.

2019 Partner

Habitat for Humanity

Previous Partners

Mission Year - Chicago


“Missions is all about falling in love with God and the city where God places you,” Executive Director Shawn Casselberry explains the Mission Year vision.  All over the country, there are young adults committed to becoming missionaries and assisting with the spread of social justice.  Mission Year is a program to guide them along that journey.

Since 1997, Mission Year has committed to over 1.5 million hours of service to several communities within the United States. Mission Year is a Christian-faith based organization that commits to the development of 18-30 year-olds for one year. During the year of service, individuals deepen their faith in God through shared communities, church membership, and advocacy in marginalized communities. Mission Year has teams located in Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, and Philadelphia.

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